It has been awhile since I put a post on the blog.  This summer was crazy and this fall has been even crazier.  Apparently, I have an undiagnosed case of adult-onset ADD, because I have about 20 DIY projects going at once in the house.  Amazingly, my family has yet to kill me.  Hopefully, no one will kill themselves wandering around the messes I have made.

We recently painted the upstairs hallway.  Of course, I didn’t count on how bad all the decor up there would look with the new paint color, so I am updating that as we speak.  I am replacing two giant prints we have, with these two pictures I took in Paris this summer.  I thought I would share the prints here.  When I get them hung (and everything else done) I might share the hallway update.

Have a great day!

Passez une bonne journée!

Notre Dame



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Seaside: My happy place…..

We just got home from Seaside.  It is amazing to me that I can be so absolutely relaxed in one zip code and come home and be in a panic.  There is only one place I have ever been where I am totally relaxed and that is Seaside, Florida.  If you have never been, you absolutely must go.  This was our 8th year in a row to visit.  We have stayed in Watercolor in various homes next to the tennis courts for the last several years.  I like Watercolor because of the beach club and it is next door to the great Seaside downtown area, so you get the best of both worlds.

I was lucky enough this year to have the opportunity to take a dear family’s pictures on the beach.  I can’t tell you how much more enjoyable it was to take another family’s pics on the beach as opposed to my own.  This family is amazing.  They are all extremely smart, loving and beautiful (inside and out).  I adore them!

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Meet Blake

You met sister, Meghan, in a previous post.  Blake is 4 and full of life!  He is DARLING.  I wish I had a quarter of his energy.  Even though it was about 104 degrees the evening we took these pictures, we had fun with the truck and the bubbles.  I hope you enjoy them.



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Quick shots in indoor light…..

We were at the grandparent’s over the weekend for a wedding, and C stopped moving for all of 12 seconds to sit on the bed next to me.  I grabbed the camera and took a couple of quick shots before he ran off again.  The light coming in through the window was so pretty.  He is growing up so quickly and I really want to capture every second……



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Senior girls…..

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of shooting Joanie.  Joanie is set to graduate next month and needed some shots for her graduation announcements.  We had a great time.  Joanie has the most beautiful blue eyes EVER.  They are a dream to capture with the camera and I love the ones where the sun hits them just right, so they shine.  Joanie is super sweet (as is the rest of her family) and I wish her nothing but the best.



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Little Meghan

On Monday, I had the wonderful chance to take pics with the daughter of a very good friend.  I have known Meghan since before she was born.  I gave her mom a shower to celebrate her coming into this world six short years ago.  Her mom was the kindergarten teacher of both my children.  Meghan is DARLING as you can see.  Her mom left her under our care and my only problem was convincing her to quit trying to hug Mr C and let me get her picture taken!  Too cute.  See, its not only bluebonnets at this time of year that are lovely…..


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Get your GAME FACE on!

Last week was Mr C’s 9th birthday.  I cannot believe it.  Time has slipped by sooooo fast.  If only I could figure out how to slow it down.  That being said, he just gets more fun every year!  This past Friday we had a Game Truck party with 13 of his buds.  If you have never experienced a game truck, you would be amazed.  This thing was AWESOME.  A giant truck pulls up.  It has 4 huge tv screens and 16 controllers and one long leather couch and BEST OF ALL…… ONE DOOR!!!!  They were on that truck for an hour and a half and I didn’t have to worry about them a bit.  It was fabulous.  Now, the last 30 minutes of the party may have been the longest 30 minutes since giving birth to Colton, but it was all fun!


I hope you enjoy the pictures.   Today, I had the pleasure of a session with one of my favorite friends, Meghan.  I will be getting those up here soon so stay tuned….


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Spring Break

I finally finished uploading and editing our Spring Break pictures.  I took over 800 pictures, if you can imagine.  UGH.  I have a hard time not documenting every single moment of the day when we are doing something cool.  We had a WONDERFUL time visiting my old boss and his wonderful wife in Chappell Hill, Texas at their farm.  The kids LOVED the animals and my only regret is that the bluebonnets peeked out as we were leaving town.  I complained the whole way home about it, you can ask the hubby.  Anyhow, I am thinking the bluebonnets here will be peeking their little heads VERY SOON.  If you are interested in scheduled a session, I have a few free dates.

Hope to see you soon!


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Golden Couple!

Last week, I was honored to have met and been asked to photograph a beautiful, sweet couple soon to be celebrating 50 years of marriage.  50 years!  Can you imagine?  The way they looked at each other showed why they are still married after all of this time.  Not only were they kind, but they were fun, too!  Here are a few of the shots from our session…..


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Miss M’s New Room!

I have been working on Miss M’s room for about a month now.

M picked the stripes and the colors.  I had the walls and ceilings painted.  I painted the furniture, put on new hardware, painted all the frames, and made all the wall decor (Miss M did the stringing of the heart).  It was all a labor of love.  M LOVES her room.  She is so happy.  It is much more peaceful and grown up than her old room.  Gotta say, I LOVE IT, too.   What do you think?


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